Why I am going into Business

The business arena is a rough and tumble world.  The battle for resources and business is a constant struggle, with competition being the main driver forward.   So why would anyone want to join the ranks of the business world and not just work at a cush government job?

The reasons I want to go into business are its dynamic nature, its opportunities, and its positive societal impact.

The dynamic nature of business stems from its fundamental uncertain and ever changing landscape.  It is this uncertain nature that pumps my adrenaline.  Business is not for the weak willed.  Failure is the rule, and not the exception.  Most small businesses fail (especially those in the restaurant business) before they have reached five years of existence.  Even large businesses can change dramatically, as they can be outsmarted, out-innovated, and out-competed by rivals large and small alike.  This creates a situation that is not boring with a lot of nervousness and excitement.  I can live on this in the business world.

The opportunities in the business world are practically endless.  These opportunities are to be your own boss, create a company in your image, and to make a lot of money.  Entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Howard Schultz are examples of people who built their companies from nothing, created companies that reflect their values, and made a ton of money.  I strive to be like them.

The societal impact of business is its least understood aspect.  Businesses create the goods and services that people want, which allows for people to be physically and sometimes emotionally satisfied.  This satisfaction is what drives the true businessman to create new products and enterprises.  What businessmen and women really want to do, like all of society, is to spread wealth and happiness.  Those that stray from this principle and conduct business just to get rich sour business people’s image.  I love spreading wealth and happiness.




About dgranovitz

I am a student at Los Angeles Valley College
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