The Flower Shop

Hi, my name is David Granovitz and this is my first blog post!

Manly men can like flowers.

I work at a flower shop called Boulevard Florist Wholesale Market in Lawndale,CA and I like flowers.  So you get the picture?

It took me about a year to appreciate their beauty.  At first I thought, why would anyone buy flowers?  They go bad in a week and you can’t really eat them.  But eventually the aesthetic beauty of flowers and plants overwhelmed me, and I realized what natural beauty does to people.  If you are sick, they can cheer you up.  If there is a special occasion such as a wedding, it can transform the whole atmosphere.  This is because flower designs, forms of art, exemplify the emotions.

I personally do everything in the flower shop from cashier, driver, bookkeeper, sales representative, and receiver.  This gives me the opportunity to have a diversified experience in the business.   The great thing about working at a flower shop and working with indoor plants and flowers is that most of the time people are happy to deal with you.  The only exception is when people have funerals for loved ones.  This is the saddest part of the flower business.  The happiest part of the business is when you make a spectacular event happen.  You can really see the fruit of your labor.

The website for the flower shop is


About dgranovitz

I am a student at Los Angeles Valley College
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